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MUA Smokin Palette Review & Swatches

by - 5:40 AM

Today I wanted to talk about my latest eye shadow palette which i bought recently from J4G. I have secretly adored Urban Decay Smoked palette, so when I saw something similar ofcourse I grabbed it! Little did I know it was MUA's new Smokin' palette, the most recent of their dupes from the Urban Decay Line (Smoked Palette). I never had Urban Decay Smoked palette , but from the pictures online this looks as a great dupe . I already own the Naked 2 palette dupe (Undress Mee Too) and the Matte Pallet so this made the perfect addition. 

About the Product :   

After the success of the hugely popular Undress Me Too Palette, MUA are back with another ‘handbag essential’ palette.

The brand new Smokin Palette is the ultimate travel friendly kit featuring ten stunning eye shades in a mix of matte nudes and shimmering jewel tones, complete with an intense smoky black kohl pencil. Each ‘buildable’ matte shade create smooth colour and blendability perfect to apply as a base or a highlight, whilst the intense highly pigmented jewel tones create the perfect twist on a smoky eye effect. Finish your look with a swoop of Black Smoke eye pencil to complete your look. 

image taken from
image taken from

My Review : 

The palette consists of 10 eyeshadows which are a mixture of matte and metallic/Shimmery  shades, and a black eyeliner pencil. I so wish eyeliner came with a cap.

Matte shades : Glory(nude), Boudoir(nude), Fantasy (dark brown) and Mythical (black charcoal).Shimmery shades, Unleash (inky blue), Ghost, Broken (metallic brown), Icon ( deep purple), Chaos (metallic emerald) and Wicked (grey shimmer).

All in all, a really nice palette. The matte shades are beautiful and highly pigmented, the shimmery shades perform well and blends like butter, and the eyeliner is rich black perfect for smudging and blending out. 

The packaging of the palette is simple. The case is made entirely of plastic and without mirror. It doesnot include applicator instead it comes with eyeliner pencil. Overall its a nice and affordable pallete.

I have been wearing them everyday! Just love them and I will definitely be repurchasing when I need to.It is affordable and has amazing pigmentation , as well as it is a great dupe for high end eyeshadow palette. I would highly recommend getting this , even for people like me, who are neutral eye wearer on a daily basis.

Have you tried this Palette ?? Will you buy it ?? Love to read your comments.

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  1. Great ! I donot wear eyeshadows but these days am looking for very natural dewy eyeshades. Like the post although the background is distracting the font but i try hard to read your full post :)

  2. MUA comes out with great dupes. perfect for ones on budget.

  3. Oh after reading your this post i am gonna buy this one. Great review :)

  4. That is a great dupe for UD Smoked! Very affordable too as compared to the high-end palette. The colors look very similar. Would love to buy one!

  5. These palettes are beautiful! I love the urban decay one ^^


  6. There are a lot of great colors here. Thanks for the swatches! :)

  7. I love the Urban Decay packaging and the shades, too. I'm still playing with my Naked 3 and can't believe how gorgeous the colors are. By the way hun, thought I'd bring it up, your content text is somewhat shadowed, which means it's kinda hard to read, not sure if it's been set up this way or just theme issue, but wanted to make you aware of it :) x Donah GiG

  8. Oh wow! That truly is a dupe of the UD palette! The colors are gorgeous, I'll have to buy this after I'm done my "No-Buy". gig

  9. I like Icon shade, I think it is my favorite from the whole palette

  10. I really wanted this one sometime ago but it was always outta stock :(

  11. Perfect dupe for UD''d vice! The colours are pretty similar, and swatch beautifully too!


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