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Summer Haul

by - 4:32 PM

Hey dolls

how r u all doing ?

About me, lately i was feeling there is something missing from life. like i have lost something. i didnt feel like writing any review or tutorial and i was unable to know what it was. Yesterday i went for shopping and after buying so many things (makeup) i realized it was Makeup Shopping which was missing :) seriously i am feeling so happy now :) Here's my today's haul :) hope u will like it.

Eye shades brush 10 pcs and lip brush
24 pieces brushes set
Krylon eye sealer
CSP Eve's Secret

CSP Matt lipstick in FairyTale
eyeliner pencil in different shades

I hope you will like my haul post :) that's it for today :)

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  1. Nice:) ...... waiting for the review of Eye liner Sealer.... & Thank for sharing your haul wid us :)

  2. Yes we miss makeup shopping badly.... It's good you had one such A fabulous one...

  3. I never know krylon has eye sealer :)

    1. i was in search of some eye sealer for so long, came to know few days back about it :)

  4. Lovely haul! So many shades of eye pencil you got, would love to see what EOTDs you come u with <3

  5. love it all.You know i was passing thru this phase yesterday and i treated myself too :D i didnt buy as much as u did luckyt girl.Love your haul.esp the lipstick.Do share reviews on eye sealer.

  6. lovely haul looking forward for the reviews now enjoy your goodies <3

  7. I miss makeup shopping too! Which counter did you get the brushes from and for how much? :) x

    1. its cheap one only 1300/1400 :P it was a counter with so many brushes, cotton buds etc .... i think it next to counter of art deco. not surely though


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